Want some SWAG?

That is great!  Why? Because we desperately want to sell you some.

Trouble is our Webmaster took a nasty spill from a horse. Not the horse’s fault.  Dang city slicker said he knew how to ride.  Come to find out only thing he can ride is the sofa.  So, after the swelling goes down, he might just build us a shopping cart.  Of course that is hoping he remembers how to do it.

Oh the things we have planed.  You will be shocked, amazed and awed.  The best part? Beyond you giving us your money? You will look cool.  All the other kids will be jealous.  Grown men will stop and stare, women will swoon.  A ruckus will follow and people will want to know your name.  Don’t worry, we wont tell.  Just check our privacy policy.  We have a strict cowboy code of silence.  What happens in the saloon, stays in the saloon.  Unless the sheriff is involved.  You are pretty well on your own then.  Yerp, can’t help with that one.

In the meantime, stop on by the place.  Get a bite to eat, wet your whistle, tell a tale and have a good time.  Then, tell the friendly staff you want some swag.  We can accommodate that. If you see the webmaster there, tell him to get back to work.  Tell him we need a shopping cart.  Just don’t pat him on the head. (We really are trying to get that swelling down.)


Come back soon.  We promise it will be worth the wait.




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  • Lisa Canavier
    Lisa Canavier
    03:30 29 Nov 18
    Slow Wednesday night. Quiet and very comfortable. Food was great to good.... Service was excellent, except when I ordered my second drink she took the drink I had that was not empty. That was a little weird but the drinks are inexpensive so wasn't a bug deal. All in all, we will be back!
    Susan H
    Susan H
    00:54 11 Sep 18
    Finally made it to Bandits, we hit them at an odd afternoon time and got awesome service anyway. My guests were happy and we all left ready to return. The bar looks fun.
    Laura Gabaldon
    Laura Gabaldon
    02:33 24 Aug 18
    Wonderful decor/environment experience inviting! The waiter was Federico I believe was his name" he was friendly along with great humor:). The food was so good and tasty I have been wanting to eat sauteed onions with liver for quite some time and there it was on the menu and it was fabulous! with broccoli that was just made with perfection!. Im definitely going to have my church group Wednesday night Warriors come and eat there!. So I have great news to share with them that we have a really good restaurant that we can all go to and there is plenty of room!:) For us! and.
    David Morriston
    David Morriston
    02:46 11 Oct 18
    Really enjoyed myself here. Decent bar food and nice ambience
    Kevin Dee
    Kevin Dee
    21:23 04 Oct 18
    Good food with a fun environment. Great service.
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